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The website of the travel around the world of Claire and GaŽtan, from 2010 to 2013,
on their sailboat, a 9-meters-long First 30 named Ty Punch

Au Fil des Milles... more

Claire finished the story of this world tour, which ended in July 2013.
Anecdotes (many of which are unpublished, it is easier to tell once back, no one worries!), feelings, small glitches and great joys, reflections... These three years of travel from every angle!

In 2020, the Au Fil des Milles adventure continues, the Mediterranean Sea is our new playground.
Find other stories but also the book, which is still available, by clicking on the link below:

www.aufildesmilles.fr (in french)

With Ty Punch at Marquesas

We have been back since July 2013. You will find on this site, all the articles and videos we have made during our trip around the world, as well as the list of our partners and those of other travelers.
Our latest news, in the Mediterranean Sea, is available on the blog!

Thank you again!
Claire & GaŽtan

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