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The website of the travel around the world of Claire and GaŽtan, from 2010 to 2013,
on their sailboat, a 9-meters-long First 30 named Ty Punch

Au Fil des Milles... the book

Claire is writing a book on this around-the-world travel which had an end.
Anecdotes (of which many original, it is easier to tell once on ground, do not be worry!), feelings, little hitches and big joys, reflexions...
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13rd July, the return...

We set foot on the dock of Dinard exactly 2 years and 10 months after leaving. The weather conditions, the tide, the faces on the dock, all remember us the big start on September 2010. We found again people with an immense joy and our days are very very busy since we arrive.
To live now or again when we arrive in pictures, Jean-Luc make a very sympathetic videoclip. You can watch it here. Find the last article on the journey too in the On board diary item.

Thank you again!
Claire & GaŽtan

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