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Other travelers

Breizhiles : The round of the Atlantic Ocean of Gaëtan and Antoine
At the time of their trip around the Atlantic Ocean, Gaëtan and Antoine have loaded material for Cape Verdian and Haitian people by associations relied on travel boats for their missions.

Roul'Europe : The cycling travel around Europe of Hélène and Thomas
7000 km by bike in Europe to promote cycling and the discovery of cycling in Europe.

The blog of Nathalie in India
2 Years in India as technical assistant in a natural farm with the NGO PCTC.

Angélique, Olivier and their daughter gone at least as far as Cape Verde.

Emmanuelle and Wiliam on Bajada for a trip around the Atlantic Ocean in 2 years.

Soizic, Matthieu, Lola, Timéo and Maël on Barbarin - To travel in family, they found a trick, they bought our Lagoon in Antilles knowing it will be reselled in Australia. The travel do not stop for all that and their ideas do not miss!
First meeting: Hiva Oa, Marquesas

Adrien and Capucine build their superb "Capado", a Fox 10.20, modern and fast sailboat, meanwhile with the necessary and sufficient comfort to live on board. They quit France in March 2011 to go around the world in 2 years and a half.
First meeting : Bali

Natacha, Yves-Marie, Magali and Léa on Galiléa - Gone from the south of France, on a Catana for a programm of 3 years similar to our program.
First meeting: Colón, Panama

Sylvie, Pascal and their 3 daughters, Nina, Lili et Gwendoline. Very sympathetic family, gone from Brest in 2010 for the same program than us.
First meeting : Bora Bora but first contact before starting by email!

Odile and Jean-Marc live on their sailing boat since many years and they sail where they want with "on-board-case"-steps from time to time. They share with us their meetings and discoveries on their very interesting website.
First meeting: Wallis

Jean-Luc and Marie Christine started for 3 years. It is their second around-the-world travel but for this time they reached Patagonia instead of Canal of Panama and South Africa in replacement of Mer Rouge. Their journey in pictures on the followed link.
First meeting : Bali

Katell, Matthieu and Thibaut on a Romanet (10m-long) - They gone from Brittany in 2008 and they have reached Pacific Ocean passing by Tierra del Fuego. Thibaut is arriving during the route... We met them in Polynesia where they are for a moment because they arrive to conciliate travel, family and work.
First meeting: Huahine, Îles Sous le Vent

Chantal and Frédy, our two Swiss friends share with you their world on their website. The travel is a way of life, they live since many years on their boat.
First meeting: Wallis

Radio Rodeo Family
Helena, Benjamin, Bäo and Enja gone from Le Minihic-sur-Rance for a trip around the Mediterranean Sea.


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