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Impact of the human being on the coastline - Examples, ideas

We want to make a useful travel showing the effects of human activities on the coast and on the lives of coastal populations. We want to highlight the negative consequences of phenomena such as the climate disruption, urbanization and pollution, as much as initiatives which allow to live in harmony with our environment.

Also for living and rich exchanges, we have chosen to testify through video or photo.
Aimed at schools and the general public, our reports will also be a source of cultural enrichment. You will find them in The reports.

We work with several educational establishments of Ille-et-Vilaine and elsewhere :

    - Elementary school Georges Martinais at La Chapelle-des-Fougeretz (35),
    - Youth Centre of Dinard (35),
    - Secondary school Sainte-Marie at Dinard (35),
    - Secondary school Collège du Bocage at Dinard (35),
    - Public elementary school of Saint-Pierre-de-Plesguen (35),
    - Secondary school Pierre Brossolette at Bondy (93).

In the visited countries, we have relationship with associations or professionals who can introduce in villages, meet the resource persons and explain us problems or local initiatives.

we have 3 pilot sites which come in addition to other sites according to the etablished contacts :

    - The Sine Saloum delta in Senegal, with the association Voiles sans Frontières (Sails Without Borders),
    - Paulista, in the metropolitan area of Recife in Brazil,
    - The islands of Tuvalu, in the west of the Pacific Ocean, with the association Alofa Tuvalu.

The themes we will deal with are large and we will use the simplest words for children : effects of climatic changes, major infrastructure projects and impact on local populations, pollution, innovative projects for local development local and for the protection of the environment...

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