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Travel data

  • 90 articles, among them 17 about crossings

  • 18 reports

  • 2286 published photos

  • 17 videoclips, among them many on the YouTube channel

  • 33 crossed territories (in other words 22 countries), in order:
    1.France12.Panama23.Cocos (Keeling)
    3.Portugal14.French Polynesia25.Mauritius
    5.Canary Islands16.Wallis & Futuna27.South Africa
    6.Western Sahara17.Fiji28.Namibia
    7.Senegal18.New Zealand29.Saint-Helena
    8.Brazil19.New Caledonia30.Asuncion
    9.French Guyana20.Vanuatu31.Bijagos
    10.Venezuela21.Papua New Guinea32.Cape Verde

  • smallest visited territory: Suwarrow (0.4 km²) which is also the one with the least people (go to article)

  • at the opposit, the biggest: Brazil (8 514 876 km²)

  • more than 35000 marine miles covered

  • 1035 days of travel, among them more than 675 on ground (in other words 65%)

  • longest step: 140 days (New Zealand), it is also the most southern latitude while the most northern latitude do not exceed the Brittany coast

  • longest crossing: 23 days (between Galapagos and Marquesas)

  • strongest winds: 45 knots during 10 hours (between Reunion and South Africa)

  • average of 4 knots in sailing (in other words 7,5 km/h for no initiates)

  • biggest visited city: Dakar (Senegal) with its 3 215 255 inhabitants in 2011

  • 19 currencies, and as many as exchange rates, in order: Euro, Dirham, Franc CFA, Réal, Bolivar, Balboa, Ecuador Dollar, Franc CFP, Fiji Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Vatu, Kina, Indonesian Roupie, Australian Dollar, Mauritius Roupie, Rand, Nambian Dollar, Livre sterling and Escudo

  • highest climbed summit: 3726m for the Rinjiani on Lombok (Indonesia)

  • 14 visitors took a plane to go to see Claire & Gaëtan

  • largest catched fish: 1 swordfish cut up in 3 hours, supplied 14 jars (sterilized in 10 hours) in other words 3 months of canned fish!

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