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The Course

During 3 years, our track will stretch near the line of the equator. Driven by the winds, we will cross the three oceans before returning the Atlantic Ocean*. Our boat is our home, our passion but above all our favorite means of transport to discover the berthed countries.

We started from Dinard in September 2010. After reaching Senegal along the portuguese and Morocco coasts (Morocco, Canary Islands, Dakhla, Senegal), we crossed the Atlantic Ocean in January to land at North-East of Brazil. Then we followed the northern coasts South America (Recife, Fortaleza, French Guyane, venezuelian islands, Curaçao) to reach the Canal of Panama, our doorstep to Pacific Ocean.
The last watergate of the Canal of Panama opened to Pacific Ocean in April. A first cool crossing drove us to Galapagos, archipelago from which we went for the longest crossing of the journey : 3000 marine miles to Marquesas (23 days). From those islands, we crossed French Polynesia step by step in July and in August 2011 (Marquesas, Tuamotu, îles sous le Vent) and we arrived at Fiji island after a detour through Wallis and Futuna. We sheltered from the season of hurricanes in New Zealand from November 2011 to April 2012, in the Southern Pacific Ocean. In April, we took again the tropical route to make a step in New Caledonia before sailing to Vanuatu and the wonderful Louisiades in Papua New Guinea.
The way trought Torres Detroit was ideal with very good conditions and the multitude of indonesian island was our playground for our first steps in the Indian Ocean in July-August 2012. From Bali, we went for the crossing of the Indian Ocean by Cocos (Keeling) islands, Rodrigues, Mauritius and Reunion. We forgot the solution of a return by the Canal of Suez as the situation of piratery is very bad in the North-West of the Indian Ocean. The passage of the Cap des Aiguilles, delicate part of the travel because of the current and the uncertain weather conditions of this latitudes, was made in very good conditions.
Our way back in the Atlantic Ocean will go through Namibia, Saint-Helen and Ascension. The choice of the route will depend of the wind orientation and the windforce. If we could, we will sail to Açores via Cape Verde. The return in Brittany is expected in July 2013.

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